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Since its beginning in Venezuela eight years ago,
cruiserheads.com’s webpage has been growing in content, information and readers amongst the Spanish speaking audience. With a wide variety of technical content related to 4wd, camping and outdoor sports, being updated on a weekly basis, this once small project of a group of Land Cruiser fans, has become today an information website (www.cruiserheads.com) with more than 40.000 monthly visits, an online community (forum.cruiserheads.com) with over 4.000 registered users in different countries of Latin America & Europe and an online store (www.cruiserheadstore.com) with the mission of providing high quality equipment and accessories for 4wd, camping and outdoor enthusiasts.

The constant growth experienced in recent years, has evolved into
Cruiserheads LLC, the U.S. based branch of the cruiserheads.com family. The introduction of Cruiserheads LLC to the U.S. market means the internationalization of the brand, reaching global users, offering a wider selection of specialized accessories and integrating the 4wd and outdoor communities worldwide.

Cruiserheads.com International Group bases its strength on providing outdoor enthusiasts over the world the opportunity to share information, experiences and anecdotes, through user-friendly IT solutions. The successful combination of up to date valuable information, unlimited interaction and extensive catalogue of specialized products, make cruiserheads.com unique in its class.


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